Dirk Vandecasteele (BE)


Before my studies, I owned dogs of different breeds, incl. German and Belgian Shepherd and several Dobermann with whom I participated both show and working trials. My wife Kathleen however, wanted a Rottweiler and that is where my true story began.

After years of having successfully shown all Rottweilers we owned (including obtaining several national titles and even twice the title of FCI-World Winner) and of intensely training our dogs (including my participation as a member of the Belgian team that won the 3th place of the IFR-World Championship 1997 in Chicago), canalizing this passion towards other levels came almost natural.

In 2001 I was appointed both as conformation-judge for the Rottweiler and as IPO-judge all breeds. This has given me the opportunity to judge all over the world, literally on every continent, both in shows, breed-suitability tests and IPO-trials, including judging 2 x the protection part of the IFR-World Championship IPO (Spain and Denmark) and many IPO-trials, both in Belgium and abroad, including several times the Belgian championship all breeds.

Further, since 2003 until today I am the elected president of the Belgian Rottweiler Club (VZW Belgische Rottweiler Klub – Club Belge Rottweiler), since 2006 until 2015 also the Vice-president of the IFR (International Federation of Rottweilerfriends) and in September 2016 and May 2017 I was elected as President of the IFR.
I have also been appointed as a character-judge for the Belgian Selection test for the French shepherd dogs Briard and Beauceron.

It is not a secret that I am very concerned about recent evolutions in canine breeds, especially in working breeds
that in my opinion very quickly lead away not only from their original physical characteristics but especially also from their specific nature and personality. I cannot tell what the future will bring, but I sincerely hope – and will do what I can to help achieve this – that it will be a future in which the dog will not become just a (show)toy but will – without losing its rightful place in our human society – never lose the true physical and mental characteristics of the utility dog that in such important measure define those breeds.

I truly look forward to meet you and your dogs.